Mar 23 -

The 23rd of December 2013, the workers of Patoka Studio decided to show the world Ukraine and Ukrainian fashion voice! On their heads they had different headdresses made by Patoka Studio. In their you can see posters with words “As the rule, they do not notice us. And now?” It means that before our great Ukrainian revolution almost nobody knew about such country as Ukraine. Now the whole world speak about us and our future, about people, who died for their country, and who still fight for their freedom! Hip-hip-hooray to these people, to our talented designers, who remember about their country, and of course, we have to say rest in peace to people he fought till the end for our lives.
RIP Heavenly Hudred

Welcome in my world full of wonders. Fashion perfection, art of the voice, the melody of words, the charming French language and tender Ukrainian soul.💙💛